Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Giving people in Philly something to cheer about

"That'll give people in Philly something to cheer about."
That’s what you could hear Ryan Howard say (to no one in particular) just after he won the Home Run Derby in Pittsburgh last night.

Not only is the man is a beast, but he actually cares about us poor bastards stuck at home watching the disaster that is the Phillies this season.

And we appreciate that.

You're a good shit, Ryan Howard. We like your style.
By hitting a sign with his last homer high above the right-field bleachers that reads "HIT IT HERE," Ryan won 500 flights from Southwest Airlines for one of the 38,702 ticket holders on Monday night at the Pittsburgh Pirates' home park.

Asked if he was trying to hit the sign, Ryan responded: "No, I didn't even know it hit the sign. But I heard that it hit the sign, and that's great that somebody got 500 flights."
Yep. Like it a lot.

Ryan Howard for mayor [MLB.com]

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