Monday, July 24, 2006

Breaking: Even Ari Gold is shitting on the Eagles

In last night’s episode of Entourage, Jeremy Piven’s character, Ari Gold, called the Eagles out for being dumb.

He was on the phone talking to Vince (Adrien Grenier) and asked him how he was doing, on account of him being fired a few days earlier from the starring role of Aquaman II for pissing off management. (ed. note: from memory)
Ari: How are you holding up?
Vince: Not bad, considering the LA Times called me the ‘Terrell Owens’ of Hollywood.
Ari: Hey now — the Philadelphia Eagles got rid of T.O. and look what happened to them... Aquaman II is going to make Speed II look like Citizen Fucking Kane.

That’s right. Andy Reid, Joe Banner, Donovan McNabb: even Hollywood knows you fucked up a team that could have easily won three straight Super Bowls. Hope you're happy.

What’s that Donovan? I can’t understand you when you’re dry heaving as you’re trying to talk. Pull the trigger, big guy.

Vince may be T.O., but at least he aint no yes-man []
T.O./Donovan ‘War of Words’ — and what do you know? Donovan sounds bitter and juvenile, while TO’s totally over it and just tells it like it is, like he always has... [Philadelphia Will Do]

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Matt said...

Yeah this hurt pretty bad. The truth can be a bitch. On top of that nothing's worse than finally finding out what it's like to get shit on by Ari after laughing as he burned so many before. We got it worse than the gaysian assistant.