Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This is supposed to make you want to vomit

If the sight of this does not make you want to cry, you are a traitor and a fool.

Allen Iverson and the end of the worldSee Billy King — now he’s a fool. Ed Snider too — he’s a giant fucking fool.

But you know what, we’re not. So fuck them both. They're singularly responsible for decline of the Sixers over the past five years.

You know who else sucks? Carlos Boozer — he sucks. He sucks big time. Kenyon Martin — a veritable king of sucking. Wally Szczerbiak — that motherfucker holds the record for sucking.

It’s a monumental fucking travesty that these names are even mentioned in the same breath as Allen Iverson.

The NBA Draft is tonight and if Allen Iverson is not on the Sixers tomorrow (or at summer's end), the proverbial shit is going to hit the proverbial fan.

Long live Allen Iverson.

Pat Croce should own the Sixers. He’s not a complete fucking moron like Ed Snider. Croce and Cuban would have hilarious, attention-grabbing contests when their teams met in the NBA Finals each and every year. It'd be great. [Boston Herald]
Allen loves Philly; does Philly love him back?

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Anonymous said...

This post is great.
AI will be a winner wherever he is.
We are lucky that he is presently a 76er and must push to keep him. He is the real thing. He carried this team on his shoulders for 9 seasons. Honestly... I'd rather win some and lose some watching Iverson play than see a replacement play with Webber tank. AI is entertaining. People jam the stadiums throughout the league to see him and he never fails. Webber? I'd take Kenny Thomas back. Dalembert? Soft. We will need 3 or 4 top players to get to the finals. Look at Miami and Detroit. Some of the starters (Salmons) wouldn't sit on San Antonio's bench. You can't blame Iverson because management is the obvious problem. You need players not a player to win it all. Snyder (Comcast) creates Losers. I am a long time 76ers fan and I will follow and root for AI on any team but The Celtics. Trade the GM.