Thursday, June 08, 2006

Philadelphia shuns its Greek roots

There appears to be a disinformation campaign going on and we don’t know what to make of it.

Judge for yourselves:

1:’s FAQ page: a typo is one thing, however, misleading who-knows-how-many people seeking an answer to an honest and seemingly harmless question on the city’s official website is another entirely:
Q: Why is it called the city of brotherly love?
A: Because it's the city that loves you back, And it's the birth place of our Nation.
Seriously. That is the website’s answer. No mention of a meaning in ancient Greek or anything.

2. And then there’s this:
Award-winning directors Jonathan Demme and Philadelphian M. Night Shyamalan are particularly fond of Philadelphia and have made movies in Philadelphia and its countryside.

It was after the completion of the production of Philadelphia that Demme decided to name the movie after the city with which he was so enamored.
Yea, right. Jonathan Demme decided to name his parabolic movie about AIDS and gay men after the city he filmed it in... because he loved it here so much.

No, really, it was
pure coincidence. He had such a great time here, he just randomly decided to name his movie – which followed a storyline of prejudices afflicting the male gay community in the 80s and 90s – “Philadelphia” because it had nothing at all to do with the actual meaning of the word Philadelphia or the coinciding message of the movie.

For the record, in case any of you are wondering, the word Philadelphia, in ancient Greek, means “brotherly love.” Philadelphia, Pennsylvania got the nickname “the City of Brotherly Love” from said meaning.

Wow. That was real difficult to say.

No. No it wasn’t.

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