Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Neil Stein gets leg up on Starr, Starwood — does it all from the clink

Neil Stein before his time in Sing SingBack to the boutique hotel front.

Alright, so Stephen Starr is busy in NYC and Atlantic Ciy. And Starwood is tied up amidst the trash heaps and smokestacks under the Platt Bridge.

So who’s going to build the hot boutique hotel for which Philadelphia is waiting?

Neil Stein, that’s who.
"Neil Stein, [currently] serving a year in the pokey for tax evasion, wrote in to disclose further details about the boutique hotel which he plans to open in town once he's released and which we reported on exclusively last month.

Stein says his unincarcerated investors have been scouting locations in Old City, Center City, or around Penn's campus…"
Well damn. Judging by location alone, he’s got Starwood beat right out the box.

Neil Stein speaks: Get your face out of my ass! [DN, third item]
Starwood's in-house real estate guru is prophetic

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Neil! There are friends in Minersville that miss ya! but look forward to that free meal you promised them!