Friday, June 09, 2006

Jim Thome vs. Ryan Howard: the numbers don’t lie

So it’s pretty safe to say that not too many people would have predicted, before the start of spring training, that Jim Thome would be leading the American League in homeruns more than two months into the season. (Sure, no one was writing him off entirely, but to foresee him busting out of the gate as strong as he did and then continuing the momentum would have been hard, to say the least.)

It’s also pretty safe to say that — even despite his monstrous showing in the grapefruit league (11 HR) — not many would have predicted that Ryan Howard would be on a pace to hit some 56 homeruns this deep into the season.

And if you take a closer look at the numbers of these two, you start to see some crazy similarities.

James Howard Thome has 21 HR, 53 RBI and he’s batting .294.

Ryan James Howard has 21 HR, 53 RBI and he’s batting .293.

Definitely makes you wish there had been some way for the Phillies to figure out a way to get both of them in the daily line-up. We’re talking the likes of a David Ortiz-Manny Ramirez, one-two punch. It could have been nasty.

But enough daydreaming. The Phillies can definitely hang their hat on one stat comparison that heavily favors the Phils:

2006 Salary:
Thome: $14,166,667
Howard: $355,000

Yahtzee. Howard is killing it for peanuts.

James Howard Thome on ESPN
Ryan James Howard on ESPN

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Chris said...

The Phils are still paying 1/3 of Thome's salary.