Monday, June 12, 2006

"G-Ho" repped by Inquirer, now officially poppin its collar

G-Ho got endorsed by the Philadelphia Inquirer on Sunday. Not the neighborhood of Graduate Hospital, but the name "G-Ho" itself. So "G-Ho" got endorsed as the name for the neighborhood, if you will.

Philly Skyline has been pushing the name for just a few months now (for what is formally known as Southwest Center City and what had previously been unsuccessfully labeled SoSo [South of South]) and, evidently, it’s catching on. Craig Laban, the Inquirer’s, restaurant critic had this to say:
Welcome to the newly minted nightlife scene of G-Ho, the neighborhood south of Graduate Hospital that is in the throes of cyclonic transformation. Gentrification has long been promised for this zone between South Street and Washington Avenue. But with the Naval Square development finally a high-end reality on nearby Gray's Ferry Avenue, rebuild fever has taken hold of these blocks with a vengeance. The Christian Street sidewalks practically tremble from the pace of construction replacing blighted shells with $600,000 townhouses.

And the Sidecar is poised at its nexus, a friendly outpost on the shifting urban frontier where the old and new guards have paused to mingle over grilled "toastie" sandwiches and waffles with ice cream.
Holy Shit. He didn’t even qualify the moniker as "the newest nickname for a neighborhood desperate for one" or something like that.

Which is good.

It means that unlike “B3,” which still requires explaining after more than two years, G-Ho is already an accepted nickname for the hood, or, at the very least, that Craig Laban (and his editors) like the name and are doing their part to get others to embrace it.

See the hopeful ending of the review:
Fresh handmade burgers, Ritter said, were already in the plans. So the Sidecar's story is far from done. But when I do eventually return, will it have evolved from its role as pioneer to its full potential as destination pub? And when that happens, will the Cowboy still be there?

One can only hope for G-Ho.
Awesome. Big ups to Philly Skyline. Big ups to Craig Laban. And big ups to G-Ho, you sexy beast, you.

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