Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Scrapples: City Council has a soul

- So yea, by now you've all heard that City Council yesterday passed the smoking ban. All we'd like to say is... it's about fucking time. (And no, we're not happy about the companion bill that will give neighborhood taverns permanent exemptions if less than 10% of their total receipts come from food sales. But for right now, fuckall.) We credit Stephen Starr, who before shit went down yesterday said all of his restaurants could be smoke-free in as soon as 90 days. Rock, Stephen, rock. [Inky]

- Always late to the party, City Council is talking about restaurant inpections, like, a month after it was cool to. Anyway, they want to see more frequent inspections. Whatever. We guess that'd be fine. [Inky]

- Word comes this week that Scores is pressing on despite their most recent setback at the hands of the Zoning Board of Adjustments. (See, the ZBA will give you a zoning adjustment as long as the adjustment is aligned with horrible urban planning, like, say, building a monsterous parking garage exactly where it shouldn't be, but won't fork over a special-use certificate for a club that would bring a little commerce to no man's land.) Dan Gross admirably throws his weight behind Scores, unconventional reasoning notwithstanding. [DN, third item]

- Meanwhile, there's a rumor that, with the titty-shaking at Signatures being a thing of the past and landlord and Common Pleas Court Judge Frank Palumbo, Jr. looking to hand the spot over, they'll be a dude bar/club coming soon. [CP]

- The Free Library of Philadelphia sold the naming rights of the main computer area in its future main branch
say hello to the Sunoco Internet Center. That's $1 million down, $149 million to go. Should make for a colorful new Free Library. [KYW]

- Penn is knocking down GhettoCineMagic and replacing it with a mid-rise, mixed-use development. In related news, University City is pretty happy Penn lives there. [PBJ]

The bar at Cantina El Caballito- Remember the delivery service? Good thing no customers were prosecuted. [Inky]

- And finally, The Illadelph happily endorses Cantina El Caballito. Good food + great drinks + even greater service = a thoroughly awesome time. We recommend you check it out at your earliest convenience. We know we plan to return early and often.

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