Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dealbreaker behind Urban Outfitters’ move to Navy Yard revealed

Remember when, back in 2004, Urban Outfitters signed a deal to move all of their corporate offices (and those of their sibling companies — Anthropologie and Free People) and 500+ employees to the old Navy Yard in South Philadelphia over the next few years?

Yea, well today we learn the motivator for said decision:
"We have a number of people who wanted to bring their dogs to work," Mr. Hayne said. "So when we first started looking at high-rise buildings downtown, even if dogs were allowed, which they weren't, I thought, 'Where would they walk them?' "

The Navy Yard's green space, waterfront and historic buildings passed Mr. Hayne's test.

"On one side, you have these gigantic warships," Mr. Hayne said, referring to the Navy's mothballed cruisers and destroyers on the Delaware, just outside what will become his office windows. "And on the other side, you have these bucolic green fields and historic red brick buildings, and I thought it was an extraordinary juxtaposition."
Awww. Isn’t that sweet.

We do empathize with the employees who now have to “drive” if they want to go to lunch. It is/will be a drastic change from Urban’s current cushy location on Rittenhouse Square.

Oh well, the high price of success.

Dick Hayne: Sure I heart Santorum, but look, I’m also trying to do good by Philly with this whole abandoned-Navy-Yard-redevelopment-thing [NY Times]
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