Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Amada on its way west, Almodovar-inspired cocktails to follow

Amada Restaurant PhiladelphiaAmada, the Spanish restaurant which opened last fall in Old City and has been turning heads ever since, has recently achieved Buddakan-esque status. At least in regard to the difficulty involved in securing a reservation:
There’s a new Buddakan in town…

Since it opened in 1998, Buddakan - for this concierge at least - has proved to be my most requested restaurant reservation by my corporate clientele.

… Buddakan has consistently been my biggest ongoing restaurant challenge.

Don’t think for a moment that this Stephen Starr-owned operation is no less of a draw when I state that there’s another restaurant in town, garnering Buddakan-like (Buddakanese?) requests.

That would be Amada at 2nd & Chestnut. [The Loop; Ken Alan]
Bully for them. (No, seriously. It's taken eight years so that's kind of impressive.)

More important, however, is the news that Amada owner / head chef Jose Garces is branching out. He’s working on a second spot and this time it’s in Rittenhouse — a small storefront locale, situated on S. 20th between Sansom and Chestnut, across the street from Capogiro.

Frankly, we’re delighted.

20th Street between Locust and Spruce is great. 20th Street above Walnut needs a pick-me-up. It’s crazy that it’s just one block over from the square, yet it’s devoid of the activity you’ll see on the same section of, say, 18th Street.

We want all of 20th to be the shit. Capogiro's a good start. (Mizu would be fly if it only had some outdoor space.)

Let’s hope Amadito, which means ‘Little Amada” and is the working name for the restaurant in progress, can bring even more success to the hood.

Garces, for one, thinks the location is ripe:
"The market's great for strategically located restaurants."
We'd have to agree the Rittenhouse crowd loves them some Bad Education.

Garces tires of AC, keeps it real in Philly instead [Inky, second item]

[Image via AroundPhilly]

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