Monday, May 08, 2006

Scrapples: OMG, the USOC is coming. The fricking USOC!

- Philadelphia 2016 is having a rally Tuesday in Love Park to show the City’s support for a bid while USOC officials are in town for an exploratory meeting. Rally invite asks that inflatable rats be left at home. [CampusPhilly]
- Frank Bruni likes Stephen Starr’s Buddakan NYC one star better than Starr’s Morimoto NYC. [Times]
- Slutlana Svetlana Shusterman (of Temple Univ. and Real World: Key West) will bludgeon your face if you’re from Canada... with her boobs. [FHM]
- Daily Candy Philadelphia has found itself an editor. [Inky]
- Irresistible Ella is no substitute for the Hotties of Philly Local News 1.0. [Phila Will Do]
- The University City Science Center announces details of phase one of its expansion, which will eventually double its size and make sure no one other than nerds ever step foot on W. Market Street. [CPN]
- Finally, Chase Motherfucking Utley was today named the NL Player of the Week. Rock, Chase. Rock. [Phillies]

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