Monday, May 08, 2006

Oh, where have you been, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?

Oh, where have you been, charming Billy?

It must be the win streak because we're just not used to Charlie Manual calling opposing players out. But that's what he did in his post-game interview after the Phils swept the Giants last night for their eighth win in a row.

"Bring on Billy Boy."

Wow, Charlie, sounds like someone is feeling a bit more confident these days.

In case you missed it, Billy Wagner had some choice words for his old team in an article in Sunday’s Inky.
Wagner said he got the feeling late in the season that his teammates, whom he described as overly sensitive about media coverage, were just waiting to see him fail.

Wagner said he became "everyone's least favorite Phillie in the clubhouse" after he called his teammates on the carpet for their spiritless play in an interview that appeared July 1 in The Inquirer.

In response to Wagner's critical comments, former teammate Kenny Lofton called a team meeting in the weight room. Wagner described the meeting as "24 against one," and added that Pat Burrell called him a "rat" during the meeting.
In addition to Manuel, a bunch of players chimed in after last night’s game about Wagner’s comments and this week’s series against Wagner and the first place Mets.

Rheal Cormier offered this gem:
"It's sad that it has to come out now before the series starts. I enjoyed playing with Billy. I didn't agree with a lot of what he said, but if he felt that way, he's got 43 million reasons to be happy in New York."
Looks like we might just have to head over to Ashburn Alley this week and hear what else Billy has to say. Or better yet, what some of our finest inebriated fans have to say to him. Should get extra interesting right around the eighth inning.

Oh, and yeah, the Phils won their eighth in a row in a game in which Bonds hit #713 and are now just four games back of the first place mets.

Charlie Manuel to no one in particular: Bring on Billy Boy []
Wagner to Inky: I’ve blown three saves already this season and I’ll blow three more before I leave town. No big deal. [Inky]

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Ruby Legs said...

Hey, I'm trying to start a "letter" writing campaign to the Commissioner's office (Bud Selig). Philly should stuff all the asterisks waved around over the weekend into a couple thousand envelopes and mail them to his office at the following address.

c/o the (dis)Honorable Alan H. Selig
Commissioner of Major League Baseball
245 Park Avenue, 31st floor
New York, New York 10167