Monday, May 15, 2006

McNabb begins Eagles' disinformation campaign early

Apparently, Donovan is still hurting from when Hank Fraley “stabbed him in the back” by letting the media know that Donovan was playing his heart out at the end of the Super Bowl. Awww.

Flashback to February 2005:
"He fought to the end. He gave it his all," Fraley said on Comcast SportsNet in a show aired Monday night. "He could hardly call the plays -- that's how exhausted he was trying to give it his all. If you remember back when we played Jacksonville two years ago and he ended up puking, it was close to that scene. He exhausted everything he had."

"He didn't get a play call in one time," Fraley said. "He mumbled and (receiver) Freddie Mitchell yelled out the play we were trying to bring in. He was puking at the same time, trying to hold it in." [Inky]
Fraley was just trying to defend McNabb. But Donovan was livid with Fraley for telling the truth. Fraley accidentally disclosed what was going on in the huddle and shed some light on why the Eagles seemingly inexplicably did not utilize the hurry-up offense despite being down by 10 when they got the ball back with 5:40 to go in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl.
"I haven't talked to anyone. But I've seen Hank on TV a lot," [McNabb] said. "Obviously I'm upset about the whole deal." [HSB]
Donovan would much have much preferred Hank to keep that little detail to himself.

Fast forward to yesterday, at the Eagles mini-camp, where Donovan made it blatantly clear that he adamantly supports the Eagles’ policies/tactics of deception, hypocrisy and intimidation. (Much like the Bush Administration.)

Donny wore a new t-shirt to his press conference.
On the front it said, ''If You Can't Trust Your Family, Who Can You Trust?'' The words ''Family'' and ''Trust'' were in big white letters. And to drive the point home, McNabb twice repeated the phrase to reporters.
Cute, Donny.

On Sports Final on NBC10 Sunday night, Jevon Kearse called in and one of the questions he was asked was what kind of statement was Donovan trying to make by wearing that shirt.

“He’s trying to say that some things should be kept in house… that we need to keep things behind closed doors.”

Jevon’s answer did not sound like he was offering his opinion. His answer sounded like the whole team had been told exactly what Donovan’s shirt meant.

So it’s good to see that Donny and the Eagles are starting off the year fresh with brand new scare tactics to keep everyone in line and mute about anything of actual consequence. Like we wouldn’t want people to ever know that the Eagles starting quarterback has a history of panic/exhaustion attacks in late game situations, now would we?
"Donovan, he dry heaves a lot when he gets under certain situations. It's happened before. It's happened in the NFC Championship game. He was dry heaving and he couldn't get the words out in the play, so he gave me hand signals. ... I basically called the play and knew what the coaches were thinking in that situation.” [espen]

McNabb vomited on the field during a loss at Jacksonville a couple of years ago. Rather than making an easy joke about the poor host city, let's recall that there are stories about McNabb vomiting during Syracuse games - once at Oklahoma and once during a game-winning drive against Virginia Tech. [Inky]
Later, Stephen A. chimed in and again proved that he’s as astute a sports writer this city has ever seen:
“McNabb is a company man, a player who marches purely to Reid's tune. Someone who tows the company line, gets paid handsomely to do so, even when he's unwittingly exploited by Reid and Co. to keep the rest of the troops in line.” [Inky]
Donovan being a yes-man helps no one. Andy Reid showed us last year that he is not a smart enough coach to win games on his so-called superior play-calling. He needs a confident, competent quarterback to boot.

In order for Donovan to be that player, he needs to grow up and make a few decisions for himself, without looking over to Andy, desperately seeking his approval, after every single incompletion.

And it wouldn't hurt if he started by acknowedging and addressing his anxiety attacks, instead of foolishly trying to keep everything a secret.

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