Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Frank Rizzo just rolled over in his grave

A little.

So-called legendary businessman-gambler Joseph "Joe Vito" Mastronardo Jr., the son-in-law of the late Frank Rizzo — the former Mayor and Police Commissioner of Philadelphia — was arrested today, a month after more than $3 million was seized in a search of his house and car, in connection with a gambling operation sting.

The coppers got suspicious when they saw a few more busted knee caps than they’re used to up there in Montgomery County.
Investigators stumbled into a wider gambling probe after police in Souderton said they saw an increase in beatings that they believed were connected to a gambling ring.
Well at least now we get to keep that hundo we wasted on Barbaro last week. Fuckin choker.

What I don't understand is... when you owe a bookie a lot of money, and he, say, blows off one of your toes, you still owe him the money. Doesn't seem fair to me. Especially when he's gonna kill you in four days anyway. [CD Times]

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