Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Exercises in stating the obvious: Center City waiters hate Penn students

Staying with the gastronomic theme this week, there’s a great article in today’s Philly Weekly.

Apparently, Penn students have a bit of a reputation. And it’s not so good. Who would have thought?

A few excerpts from the article, which is timed to coincide with commencement this weekend when Penn coeds will literally flood Center City restaurants, proud parents in tow (yay!):
Mention Penn students to a Philadelphia waiter and prepare to be served a steaming plate of outrage. Servers, it seems, don't care for waiting on Penn students…

[Servers] define the students' bad behavior as everything from snobby 19-year-olds talking down to servers twice their age to underage drinking and lousy tipping. Apparently a special circle of restaurant hell is reserved for Wharton students, who are at the top of servers' lists of icky folk.

"The Wharton students," says Alexis, a longtime waitress about town (all names were changed to avoid firings), "have even budgeted tips into their lives-exactly how much they have to tip to become a millionaire. They're the worst."

John, a waiter at a luxury Rittenhouse restaurant, sums up the list of grievances against Penn students: "They're thoughtless and condescending and have an attitude of entitlement that makes it unpleasant to interact with them..."
What? No way. Ok, maybe.

Well, you definitely have a point there about kids from Wharton. Actually, we completely agree with you about those Wharton shits.

But lumping all Penn students into to the same pretentious/narcissistic/condescending/cheap asshole stereotype with the Wharton brats? You’re telling us that’s not a bad rap? You’re right, it’s not. (Only for students though. Penn alums are totally legit.)

But at least the tables full of sorority girls at BYOs are hot.


If you’re drunk.

Philly waiters agree: Penn kids rule! [PhillyWeekly]

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david. said...

Don't generalize about Wharton students...