Friday, May 26, 2006

Breaking: Teri Hatcher hearts Philadelphia

Don't despair, Teri likes you:
Is Philly really the City of Brotherly Love?

Well, let me just say that for some reason, everyone I meet from Philly is fabulous. I’ll meet a new friend and be talking at a party for a while, and, inevitably, when I ask where they are from, it’s Philly. So that’s a reason to go there in itself. Nice, creative, passionate, real folk. They’re always a pleasure, really.
She goes on to wax poetically about everything from hitting up the Italian Market for breakfast and shopping along Rittenhouse Row to downing martinis at Continental and feasting at Vetri and Barclay Prime.

Apparently, she checks us out several times a year while she's visiting the fam.)

We also enjoyed learning that she likes herself a cheesesteak with gravy but not fried onions.

But the real dirt comes when she reveals she has a thing for Tommy Up, he of PaperStreet fame.
You were named "Most Likely to Be a Solid Gold Dancer" in high school. Any good spots to get your groove on?

Well, Philadelphia primarily has a lounge and hip-hop scene, but there are a few really great dance scenes. The best is a Saturday-night party that's thrown all summer, called Mojito, and hosted by Tommy Up. The party is in the courtyard of an office skyscraper in Commerce Square with a huge fountain, great live house music, and guest DJs like the now world-famous King Britt and Josh Wink. A small restaurant, Marathon Grill, supports the party. It's a great time and a great crowd.
Tommy should totally hit that.

We would.

Teri Hatcher: On the whole, I’d rather be in the city that loves you back [American Way]

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