Monday, May 01, 2006

Breaking: Alycia Lane attempts to bed a prince; unhappy with results

Last week, Michael Klein told us that Alycia got to fly to Monaco to do a fluff piece on the 50th anniversary of Princess Grace’s wedding (the wedding dress is on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art).

Today, we learn of juicier details concerning the trip.

From Page Six:
FOXY Philadelphia TV reporter Alycia Lane gives her stories the personal touch. The Long Island native, who works for CBS affiliate WKYW, jetted to Monaco to interview Prince Albert on the 50th anniversary of Princess Grace's wedding and got invited to a private party at the palace. In photos seen by Page Six, the newlywed journo is seen head to head with Albert, her arms cozily wrapped around the royal. In another, they're holding hands and dancing.
Uh oh. Is Page Six saying that this type of behavior is unprofessional? Because we just don’t see that. Sleeping with royals is totally professional. Especially if it increases your chances for the all-important follow-up story.

And we’ve stated this before but it's worth repeating: Alycia’s work is clearly of the highest journalistic standards.

Alycia Lane gropes Prince Albert in public [Page Six]
Hotties of Philly Local News, 1.0

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clarafiedwords said...

So where are the pics? I've been hearing about it for weeks, but no pics anywhre.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this lady...