Monday, May 22, 2006

Ban City Council watch: Jack Kelly just blew your mind

Note: We were busy last week, so we’re sorry that we’re late getting this to you.

In the latest episode feeding our infinite incredulity with Philadelphia City Council, Jack Kelly last week proposed another ban for Philadelphia restaurants.

But wait. It’s not what you think.

JK proposed a ban on... foie gras.
Kelly plans a bill that would ban the sale of foie gras, which he says involves unspeakable cruelty to geese and ducks.

"It's torture," Kelly said of the technique of force-feeding birds until their livers are many times the ordinary size. "I can't even read about it because I get too upset."
Forget that smoking ban, the ban that would actually improve quality of life for human beings in Philadelphia. Instead, let’s improve the quality of life for some ducks in California. *

And why stop there? We might as well ban veal, pork and chicken. And, didn't we read something about fish feeing pain too? Then, they’re out too.

Kelly takes a more hands-off stance on the other big public-health issue involving legislation and restaurants: an effort to ban bar and restaurant cigarette smoking. An opponent of smoking bans, Kelly says there is no contradiction. "As far as I know, the cigarette industry doesn't torture anybody," he said.
Good work Jacky. You convinced us.


* We are all for the ethical treatment of animals. That said, we are for the ethical treatment of people first. Soon as City Councils shuts out big tobacky, we'll listen again.

Kelly: In other words, the foie gras lobby has yet to give me a single kickback [Inky]
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