Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Willie Green returns, Sixers still awful

Willie Green returned to the court tonight for the first time since surgery on his knee eight months ago.

He made his first four shots from the floor, including one three. The Sixers rallied behind his performance and showed Lebron what's up.

Psyche. His teammates weren’t impressed. Uninspired play ensued. Some would call it pathetic.

We call it embarrassing. And a bit old. Learn a new trick boys.

Losing every game by 20+ is so 2004.

UPDATE: Chicago won last night. (They beat Indiana, which actually would have been great for us if we had won.) They're only a half game back now. The Sixers play Chi-town tonight. 7 EST. We’re totally torn. We’re not prepared to throw in the towel and accept the lottery, despite how bad the Sixers play every time we devote any attention to them. Fuckin’ chokers. Give Willie some more goddamn PT.

Sixers feed on fans’ broken dreams

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Chris said...

I love it man, good job.

I didn't notice this the first time I read the site this morning, but we have somewhat similar posts.