Friday, April 14, 2006

Sal Fasano is going to like Philadelphia. Um. Yeah.

Jim Thome hit his sixth homerun last night. We're just saying. It sucks that if the Phillies were in the AL, they could have both JT and Howard. But since we ain’t got no DL, we had dump a big time player in order to get another, younger, big time player into the big time. The American League is bull shit. (Note: We're entirely behind Howard.)

J-Roll has a six game hitting streak and is batting .395. The only game this season he didn’t hit safely in was game #3, the game in which his hit streak came to an end.

Sal Fasano's going to like the Illadelph. “I was never a full-blown alcoholic; I just liked to drink… You don't leave the ballpark until 11:30. The only things open are Taco Bells and bars. So you either eat Taco Bell or bar food. Sometimes bars don't have food so you end up eating a pork chop in a can.” Word, Sal. Word.

And he’s doing it Philly style.

Sal as Yankee:

Sal as a Phillie:

That's what we're talking about.

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