Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ryan Howard likes us

How do we know this? When we go to games he hit dongers, improves his season RBI total by 150% and drives in the game winning run in extra innings to give the Phils their second win at home all year.

We’re flattered Ry-dog. We just might have to go to more games.

In other news, Rick’s hates dollar dog days. This shot is from around inning #5. Poor Rick’s. The timeline chronicling the history of the cheesesteak that they’ve prominently displayed does not seem to be doing its job of wooing customers.

[Click to Enlarge]
It’s a shame too, because the cheeser we tasted from Rick’s was mighty fine.

And finally, we want to confirm that the only respectable place to sit at CBP is not a seat at all. It’s the standing room only area in Ashburn Alley. The bar that’s perfect for placing your beers, dogs and cheesers as well as leaning on. The strategic location above the visitors' bullpen. The raucous atmosphere of fans who started drinking hours before the first pitch. It just makes for good baseball watching.

(Especially when compared to the atmosphere you would get if you sat in your seats, where disinterested lamedas look at you critically when you stand up to cheer on Gavin to strike out a hitter with two outs and a full count.)

Last night was extra loud. We must have seen the cops kick out like five people, and all of them from the alley. Below, we unintentionally caught some of the fans up in the bleachers heckling one of the drunks as he was hauled off by the five-O.

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