Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Phils hate CBP; hot dogs to the rescue

Dollar Dog Day at Citizens Bank Park is upon us. There’s simply nothing like baseball and some sweet, sweet alliteration.

Moreover, it’s a gorgeous day (approaching 77°). The Phillies are 1-6 at home this year. Arthur Rhodes and Geoff Geary hate ERAs below 10. And Bobby Abreu doesn’t know what defense is. What could make for a better time to head down to South Philly for some beers and baseball? You guessed it, nothing.

We’re headed to CBP tonight to watch 1) Gavin Floyd try to follow up his first decent outing of the year with another one, 2) Bobby Abreu short arm a few more fly balls and 3) Ryan Howard hit a donger or two.

It should be a fine time. See you out there.

Phillies: We’ll shoot free hot dogs out of a giant canon []
Bobby Abreu: It’s like they expect me to actually catch fly balls [Inky]

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1 comment:

Chris said...

Phils win! Phils win!

The power of the crappy, stale hot dog does it! Man, were those dogs a letdown, I'm used to some good Berks County dogs.