Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New magazine to chronicle the trials and tribulations of Philly's King of Bling

In the latest example that nothing is a greater badge of honor in the social circles of Philadelphia’s upper crust than committing federal crimes, Ted Beitchman, former deputy chief of staff to Mayor Rendell and convicted felon to boot, held a party last week to launch his newest magazine, Philly Sport.

Judging by the preliminary cover, we're guessing Philly Sport’s inaugural issue features an in depth profile of Howard Eskin, one that examines how he can love Andy Reid so much. We wouldn't be suprised if Howard interviews himself for it.

And honestly, we're thrilled. Because if Howard Eskin isn't someone that we all need to be hearing from more, we don't know who is.

Looks like Philly Sport is going to make a killing.

Anywho, the launch party was held at Twenty Manning, which is owned by one of Beitchman’s muses, Ms. Audrey Taichman.

[Un]coincidentally, Audrey is on the cover of the current issue of Teddy’s other rag, we mean mag, Real Philly.

Howard to Audrey: what the fuck do you mean you won't put the game on? [Daily News, third item]
Howard Eskin just picked you to lose [HowardEskin.com]

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