Friday, April 07, 2006

J-Roll: I'd have traded in the streak for the win

Great article on espen. Apparently, Jimmy’s teammates were not too into his streak. Meanwhile, J-Roll, the man that he is, liked that the streak was getting the team a lot of attention. The team.
In the ninth inning, the Phillies needed to put two runners on base to give Rollins a final shot at extending the streak, but they went down meekly. If you happened to check the Philadelphia dugout, there wasn't a single player leaning over the rail in anticipation. Maybe they were all jockeying for pole position on the food spread.

When a reporter asked him Thursday if he felt relieved that his streak had ended, Rollins refused to give the conveniently aw-shucks response. "I like the cameras around our team,'' he said.
It’s pretty fucking pathetic when you can’t get your leadoff man a fifth at-bat. And even worse when no one is too interested in even trying.

Fuckin' chokers.

Rollins is the man [ESPN]
Phillies suck, Rollins suffers

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