Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fasano's Paisanos would have been better

Why Sal’s Pals? Are we alone in thinking Fasano’s Paisanos would have been a lot better. And don’t even start with us about any concerns with its so called political correctness. It is in no way meant to be derogatory. The Phillies certainly didn't have any sensitivity concerns about Padilla’s Flotilla.

Sal’s a first generation Italian American that embraces his heritage. His favorite food is beef ravioli. He regularly visits South Philly’s famous Italian Market. And one of his favorite perks of his new city of residence is all the great Italian restaurants blanketing South Philadelphia. Thus, we’re sure he’d be psyched if his fan group showed a little love for South Philly’s heritage too.

Meanhwhile, Sal is definitely trying to channel what he can from Macho Row. Look at this photo — even the man’s sunglasses scream 1993.

In related news, the Phillies are hosting three College Nights this week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday), in which anyone (not just college students) can get $7 off tickets they buy online by using the promotion code, which is, cleverly, COLLEGE.

After our experience at college night last week, we have come to expect two things from any future college nights: 1) attendees will drink more than normal, resulting in more verbal (and probably physical) assaults than usual and 2) there will be more tail than usual around the concourses of CBP, the lot of which will be on the receiving end of said verbal harrassments.

It all makes for some good secondary entertainment. We definitely recommend attending at least one. Monday is also another Dollar Dog Day. Thursday is a business person special and a Rooftop Thursday. And Wednesday is just a good way to break up the week.

Oh and earlier today Ryan Howard again showed that he can indeed reach Ashburn Alley with a donger. We’ll be waiting for his next one in our favorite spot, which is also a great place from which to watch the game: in the Alley, right above the visitors’ bullpen, perfect for a little heckling.

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