Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Breaking: Smoking bans hurt bars… NOT!

This picture (from today's Inquirer) says it all. We should be really worried about a smoking ban keeping these customers away from the bar. Give it a fucking rest already. It doesn’t affect shit, except making 97% of the population a whole lot happier. California. New York. Ireland. Spain. Italy. You know we could go on. If these coots are too stubborn to see that their second hand smoke is fucking up the health of others, the cost of which every American is footing via rising healthcare costs, then fuck them.

And yes, there is the argument out there that we could be the one city that allows you to smoke and there are tons of hipsters that would love that. But we think that’s a hook we'd rather stay away from: “Come to Philly… where you can die/kill yourself.”

In related news, John Street has yet to find his backbone.

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Evan said...

you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Steve Ives said...

It's charming beyond words to see how mature some members of the population are. Adults are incapable of making decisions like walking out of bars that displease them - they need to have laws made to intentionally bother people who do not intentionally bother them. When I buy my island in the Lesser Antilless it will be a cancerous haven for my kind.