Thursday, April 20, 2006

Breaking: Saliva Slingers return to the Illadelph tomorrow night

The last time we saw these guys, 2004 was peacing out and 2005 was like, “what up sluts?”

The Slingers did their best to mark the moment — in fact, they killed it.

This weekend, they’re making their highly anticipated return to Philly for a short (but surely a very sweet) set at Shouk in Queen Village / Bella Vista.

And by the sounds of things, Lee En Zymes is ready to spit some sick shit.

Saliva Slingers, 4.21.06
10 p.m., Shouk
622 S. Sixth St., 215.627.3344

Slingers: Which baby animals is the cutest? [MySpace]

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