Thursday, April 13, 2006

Breaking: Jim O'Brien confirms, Billy King is a no talent ass clown

From today’s daily dime on espen:
"I really don't think I needed to feel vindicated. We took a team that won 33 games the year before and won 43 and got them into the playoffs. What is interesting is that Billy King is starting to realize his young players are not as good as he thought they were. When we took over in Philly and he told me of his opinion of all his young players, I did not agree that they were nearly as good as he thought they were. Defense is hurting them badly. We were 11th in field goal defense last year and now they are 22nd." - Jim O'Brien
Oh shit. You mean Dalembert and Korver aren’t playing like they’re worth a combined $85 mil?

King: I have no idea what I’m doing [espn]
Ed Snider and Billy King to wed

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