Saturday, April 01, 2006

Breaking: Forget Geno's, the Phillies heart good beer

Now we really can’t wait to get back to Ashburn Alley. As Joe Sixpack reported yesterday, it will be easier than ever to enjoy a quality brew with your hotdog at Phillies games this season.

For the past two seasons, we’ve been happy to make the trek around the concourse to the one beer cart (that we knew of) that sold Flying Fish at CBP. (It’s first base side, towards right field.) After all, you can’t find a beer like that at all at the Wachovia Center. Not that we’re beer snobs, but we definitely prefer a quality beer over watered down shite like Coors Light. And more importantly, we’re all about supporting a local company over some corporate behemoth.

This year, the Phillies are adding several Pennsylvania breweries to their repertoire.

In addition to the Flying Fish Extra Pale Ale (NJ) that we’ve enjoyed at games past, the Phillies will also sell varieties from Yards, Victory, Troegs, Sly Fox and Straub this year. In all, eight regional breweries will have their product sold this year at CBP. (Yeungling and Dock Street are the others.) They are all not new. The fact that Yards was sold at games last year is news to us — we would have been drowning ourselves in Philly Pale Ale had we known.

We’re most looking forward to the added Sly Fox and Troegs offerings, which allegedly will expand as the season proceeds.

Once we get to a game next week, we’ll report back with a little more information and direction, so as to keep you from wandering around needlessly searching for a frosty Troegs Sunshine Pils.

Thank God for spring. Thank god for baseball.

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Mark said...

At Saturday's preseason game I saw Sly Fox and Straub, but I played it safe and stuck with a Fish and a Victory. Give the Phillies props for having the good stuff.