Monday, April 10, 2006

Breaking: Dunphy ditches West Philly in favor of North Broad

As speculated, Fran Dunphy will indeed be leaving the storied halls of the Ivy League to take the reigns at Temple.

We’re actually totally fine with this. We never thought Dunphy was the best of coaches. Of course, hopefully he proves us wrong and helps Temple bring the A-10 back to relevance.

As for Penn, we’re looking forward to the Quake hiring someone young and competent. It was only a few years ago that Ivy League was on the brink of sending multiple teams to the big dance. After what the MVC and CAA did this year, the Ivy League should start to expect their teams to do more than just show up at the tournament. They need to start winning games. And you need a good coach to win a game.

Fresh blood can be a good thing for Penn basketball.

UPDATE: To clarify, Dunphy is definitely a good coach and a great recruiter. We've always thought his major flaw, however, was that in big games (read tournament games), the other team would make adjustments (usually around halftime) to stop Penn's offense and/or get past their defense, and Dunphy never seemed prepared or able to counter adjust. Stuck in the mud if you will. A one-trick pony. Pick your cliché.

Whatever you want to call it, it was a problem. Since 1999, Penn has had the talent to win at least two of their NCAA tournament games. Some think Ivy League teams should just be happy to make the tournament. We think that's a crock of shit. Both Penn and Princeton have programs that could make Gonzaga-caliber leaps into big-league ball with a few successful tournament runs. They just need a few good men to guide them. (Princeton was close in 2000; then they got figged.)

Dunphy chooses Temple over Penn State, Georgetown,
Ohio State, and his alma mater La Salle twice

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