Thursday, April 27, 2006

Breaking | Campbell’s Soup to Donovan: You're lucky we're local because normally we only take winners

Today, Campbell’s Soup announced its 2006 lineup of NFL quarterbacks with no acting abilities that it will traipse in front of the cameras and use to make a ton of surprisingly annoying commercials that will be aired on national television next fall.

Super Bowl champ Big Ben Roethlisberger and his mother Brenda will join the fun. So will Super Bowl loser Matt Hasselbeck and his mum, Betsy.

And yes, Donny Mac is returning. He and Wilma complete the triumvirate of Campbell’s Mama’s Boys.
"Returning for an unprecedented sixth season, Donovan McNabb will again be featured along with his mom and Philadelphia Eagle's [sic] "Team Mom," Wilma McNabb."
Is it ok that this kinda disappoints us?

Meanwhile, has anyone else noticed that the talent Donovan brings to do the commercials with him has deteriorated recently? Before Donovan had his nervous breakdown, players like Westbrook and Kearse were in the ads. Towards the end of last season it looked like Greg Lewis and Reno Mahe were the best recruits Donny could get.

Is Donovan threatened by having good players in the commercials with him? Or are the good players worried about catching whatever neuroses Donny has by appearing in the ads?

We’re guessing the latter.

Campbell’s Chunky Soup adds two lame white guys, retains non-threatening black guy [PBJ]
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