Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bad week for Philly’s addicts continues

First, it was a lethal batch of smack that was making its way through the streets of Philadelphia and Camden earlier this week. Apparently, the china white was cut with so much Fentanyl that it offed some nine users and sent countless (50+) others to area hospitals in just a few days. (This, of course, incited demand.)

Then today comes word that the Feds have put the kibosh on a major local ectasy ring, one that has been keeping Philly’s ravers happy for years. (Or months. We have no idea, really.)

However, the extra bad news for Philadelphia’s drug aficionados is that the 230,000 pills that were seized featured a tasty blend of ecstasy and speed, an explosive combination according to U.S. Attorney Patrick Meehan.
"The methamphetamine is a stimulant that will allow the person to continue to keep going when they mix it with the ecstasy it creates a party euphoria that keeps going."
You’re not kidding Patrick. The last time we mixed crank with disco biscuits, we’re pretty sure we ended up running laps across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge after single-handedly giving the lovelies at the Gold Club their most profitable three consecutive shifts ever.

Anyway, the pills were worth an estimated five mil. Somebody's not getting that bonus they were waiting on.

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