Tuesday, April 04, 2006

And the winner is…

Before we announce the winner of the 2006 Hotties of Philly Local News contest, we’d like to thank all of the nominees for being so gracious and accommodating in their schedules.

You are all such great sports. Not one of you posted a nasty comment or sent a single mean email. That's awesome.
Your profession is so classy. The respect you have for each other is amazing. Inspiring really.

Ok, enough gushing. On to the meaningful part.

But before we blurt out the winner’s name, let's go through a quick timeline to see how the voting progressed.

Friday, March 24, 4:43 p.m.

The polls have been open for just over one full day, and with 15 votes registered, Erin O’Hearn and Jessica Borg are tied for the lead with four votes each, going into the first weekend. We wonder: does ABC have a lock on this with the two early frontrunners being proud WPVI'ers?

Monday, March 27, 4:39 p.m.

We are only somewhat surprised to see that Kerri-Lee Halkett has jumped into the mix and is tied with Jessica at eight votes for second place, one back of Erin’s nine. After all, KL holds a strange, spell-like control over her viewers. It's a scooch creepy.

Tuesday, March 28, 12:42 p.m.

Today, we're not suprised when we tally the latest figures
we are shocked. Kerri-Lee has jumped from 21% to 31% of the vote and has a double digit lead in percentage points. WTF?

Wednesday, March 29, 8:00 p.m.

With 100 votes in the bank, Erin has closed in on Kerri-Lee a bit, but KL’s lead seems to be pretty solid. She has 29% of the votes, while Erin is at 23%, Alycia at 15% and Jade, Jessica and Maria at 12%, 11% and 10%.

Ouch. Maria’s our girl
nobody puts her in a corner. What the hell is she doing with only 10 votes? And Jessica in fifth? Again, what the shit is going on here?

At this point we posted an update, letting you know that KL was taking this whole thing extremely seriously and seemed to be intent on making sure the younger girls knew that she was still a force to be reckoned with.

And that's when it got interesting.

Thursday, March 30, 4:00 p.m.

By Thursday afternoon, Maria had exploded back into contention, leapfrogging from last place to second, just four votes behind KL, who was still in first.

About time. Maria, don't you worry. We know you got it.

Thursday, March 30, 7:34 p.m.

Holy Jessica Borg! No sooner had Maria jumped into second place than she was overtaken by the saucy brunette from Long Island. Jessica moved past both KL and Maria to take over first place. She had 24% of the vote to Maria’s 22% and KL’s 21%.

Hold up a min. Shit, this is like camping – we need to catch our breath.

Friday, March 31, 12:24 p.m.

Oh snap, is Jessica going to run away with it? She’s up to 29% of the vote. Where is this Jess contingent coming from? Why are they late to the party? Is Jessica going to win? If so, I wonder if she’ll be appreciative enough to take us out for a steak. Hey, we did go to the trouble of having the contest…

And that’s how the standings were as we entered into the final weekend. Not out of reach, but if Erin, Alycia or Kerri-L were going to make a comeback, they were going to need to make a serious move. Maria was only nine votes back. She could easily show a little skin during a few of her weekend forecasts and throw the pressure right back on Jessica.

Monday, April 3, 8:30 p.m.

Today, Blinq linked to the original Hotties post. Fuck. Is this going to skew the results? Jessica was just about to take us to dinner.

Tuesday, April 4, 9:00 p.m.

Well, today's the day. It's time to find out who will be leaving with all the glory. So without further ado, the #1 Hottie of Philly Local News 2006, as voted by you the people, is....

Jessica "da bidness" Borg

Congratulations to Jessica. We're, like, totally happy for you. Now effing call us already.

Meanwhile, the final standings proved that
FHM did, in fact, leave two of the hottest local news girls off their ballot. Fuckin' amateurs.

Jessica and Maria, we apologize for
FHM's oversight. Hopefully, you are comforted by the fact that you're on television from time to time.

Fun stuff.

Hotties of Philly Local News, 1.0
Searching for beauty in the news [FHM]

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david. said...

Hamas! Total bull. This thing is rigged.

tveye52 said...

Gee, whenever Jessica comes on both my wife and I go "Eeew". and we agree Borg is an approriate name. Don't want to continue with the ad hominens but really . . .

Anonymous said...

Jade is 31 times hotter than any of them other girls

Anonymous said...

Time to run this again I'd say

Anonymous said...

jessica borg and sarah bloomquist are the 2 most beautiful women in philadelphia television history. I just wish that i could get an autographed picture of both of them.