Monday, April 17, 2006

Allen loves Philly; does Philly love him back?

The trade winds are already swirling. Is Allen Iverson going to be in Philly come fall?

Billy King deserves to be on a boat to Antarctica before A.I. even comes close to the trading block.

Obviously, this is going to be in the news off and on for the next few months, and as we’re a bit down now and don’t really want to talk much about the Sixers, we’re tempted to put this off for a bit. And for the most part we will.

We just want to say that Allen Iverson is the Answer. The answer to Philadelphia’s championship draught.

And trading him would be the biggest mistake the Sixers organization could ever make.

There are a number of reasons why things did not work out this year for the 76ers, including everything from Willie Green’s injury and Mo Cheek’s coaching to Chris Webber’s lack of mobility and John Salmons lack of skill.

But the biggest reason is the Sixers organization, and predominantly the team President and General Manager. Billy King has one chance to redeem himself. And we’re going to give it to him.

There is a trade he should make this summer. It would involve one Chris Webber, a little Kyle Korver and a helping of Samuel Dalembert. In return, the Sixers should receive Mr. Kevin Garnett. Plus or minus Korver and a draft pick.

It does not involve Allen Iverson.

All we know is that if Allen Iverson is not a Sixer next year, we’re calling it quits. And we mean for good. Not only will we be done with the Sixers, we’ll make it our mission in life to make sure everyone who had a hand in escorting A.I. to the door, goes down and goes down hard. That means Maurice. That means Billy King. That means Howard Eskin. That means Ed Snider. That means everyone that works for them. That means the entire Comcast Corporation. We don’t know where it will lead.

But hey, now we’re just being dramatic. It won’t come to that. Billy King is not as dumb as he’d like you to believe. After all, he did go to Duke.

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Evan said...

he should go to New York. The knicks need another guard.

Chris said...

Never trade Allen

Dolores DiMarco said...

The 76ers are crazy if they trade AI he has tried last year to adjust to the play of Weber he is can't run anymore and is a slower player and AI has to slow down to play at his pace. He slows everyone down. They are trying to make Allen share the ball and get out of his game. He is the best you had the team when we played the finals with the lakers why on earth would they dismantle a champion team, but its philly and good by T.O. Its the management that should be run out of town with all the teams not the players.