Thursday, March 23, 2006

You call this dancing? More like a demolition derby

Jesus. The NCAA Tournament is merciless. A few hours after Reddick was nearly brought to tears when Duke choked it against LSU, UCLA just took Gonzaga's pants down in a ridiculous ending. I think Morrison might still be crying.

It's totally fucked. Gonzaga was killing them all game. Somehow, yukla snuck back into it and eeked out a completely bullshit win. Gonzaga was not overrated. This game was theirs. They totally got figged. Fuck yukla.

Later today, Villanova can avenge last year’s loss in the Sweet Sixteen to UNC (on a shoddy traveling call in the final seconds).

Allan Ray will try to be the first Naismith finalist to make it to the Elite 8 [Reddick (done), Morrison (done) and Gay (10 p.m. Fri)].

Nova is the first game tonight, 7:10 EST. See you at the bar.

Go Cats.

Allan Ray: Yeah, right, I traveled [Inky]

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