Thursday, March 09, 2006

Yo Mo, Salmons has to go.

So we have absolutely no idea why Maurice Cheeks is in love with John Salmons. We have no idea why Billy King likes him either. (He's the third longest tenured Sixer behind Iverson and Dalembert.) In fact, we kind of feel like we’re taking crazy pills — no one we talk to seems to be at all frustrated by how much PT Salmons gets.

But Wednesday’s game was the tipping point. Chris Webber did not play a single minute in the fourth quarter. Why, you ask? Because, Mo wanted to go with the combination he had.

We’re sorry. Normally, we don’t like calling individuals players out — especially when they own up to playing like crap — but what the shit? This guy isn’t good enough to start on our cousin's JJBL team. He shot 1 - 12 from the floor. Watching him play in the fourth quarter last night was like having a nightmare. It got so bad (after several obscenity-laden screams at the television for Cheeks to get him out of the game already), we were almost asked to leave the bar.

Four out of five times, when Johnny Fish touches the ball, it ends up bad. How Maurice cheeks leaves him in the game for the final ten+ minutes of the Sixers’ loss to Boston on Wednesday night is completely and incomprehensibly beyond us. I know Mo is working with a weak bench, but come on, Webber is just a scooch better than John mother-fuckin Salmons.

So Mo, this loss is completely on your shoulders. Put Johnny Fish back on the bench where he belongs. You’re fucking killing me.

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