Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wichita State cheerleaders 'shocking' the competition

The Wichita State Shockers knocked off second seeded Tennessee yesterday. (We don’t mind saying we correctly predicted as much in our bracket.)

More interesting than the emergence of this year’s Cindarella, is the fact that Wichita State’s cheerleaders allegedly employed the second meaning of their team’s nickname, by holding up the infamous hand gesture as their team took the court at the beginning of the second half during yesterday’s game.

This is kind of amazing and raises several questions. Is this a regular practice? Surely, Wichita State administrators recognize the double entendre in their school’s nickname. Do they approve? Does the NCAA?

Apparently. The Wichita State Cheerleaders are currently ranked #1 in the country, going into April’s NCAA Collegiate Nationals cheer competition in Daytona Beach.

Well done. More risqué cheers is obviously a trend we welcome.

UPDATE: The University has definitely embraced the second meaning. Here's an official team photo... from 2004. And a pic from their second round game. (Via MJD via BadJocks)

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