Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What's Next: 'Brand New' Edition

— Rhymefest can rap. After seeing him throw down at the Puma Store, we're definitely looking forward to March 7, when we can get our hands on his "Brand New" album, Blue Collar. (51:51)

— A
W Hotel on its way to Philly? Apparently Starwood is looking at four Center City sites, one of which would be tied to a deal to buy the vacant lot on the 1600 block of Sansom (from Wayne Spilove) and the adjoining Architects Building at 17th and Sansom and combine the two into a W or possibly one of their new ALOFT line. (Inquirer)

— A new condo to rise where the Best Western Center City now stands over yonder by the Art Museum. (Skyline)

— The creatively named
Walnut Sushi House recently moved into the space formerly occupied by Sunwishes on the 2000th block of Walnut.

too much heart?Tampopo (21st and Walnut) is branching out; it just opened its second location in the space formerly occupied by Blue in Green on Jewelers Row.

— And, finally, Allen Iverson is snubbed by USA Basketball, thereby sealing Mike Krzyzewski’s fate to spend all of eternity eating pieces of shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Inquirer)

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