Saturday, March 18, 2006

Villanova Basketball: UConn rolls balls deep; we do not

Two of the four #1 seeds in NCAA tournament are playing their second round games here in Philadelphia this Sunday. Those two teams happen to be Big East rivals Connecticut and Villanova.

Teams are not allowed to stay at the same hotel. Apparently, the higher seeded team has first choice of hotel and so on and so forth. UConn (#2 overall) chose the Ritz Carlton and is staying there. Makes sense. Money digs, located right on Broad – a quick, straight shot to the Wac Center, etc.

And then with the second choice (ranked #3 overall), Villanova picked the Westin. Huh? I’m not knocking the Westin, but come on. If UConn shows you what’s up by staying at the Ritz fucking Carlton, you have to man up and trump them with a stay at the Rittenhouse.

Their program might be a little cushier, but you don’t have to act like yokels. These guys are you’re huge conference rivals. You split games with them this year. You’re lined up to meet each other again in the semi-finals in the Final Four. Confidence is everything. You don’t just hand them the “which program rolls harder” status. Especially when they come to your house.

But that’s what Villanova did. Instead of acting like they know anything about the city in which they play, they fucking booked the Westin. They could have stayed at the best hotel in town, which also happens to be independent and on Rittenhouse Square, the poshest address in town.

Judging by this move, I’m guessing the Cats are enjoying a delicious dinner right now at the new Ruby Tuesday’s that just opened next door to the Westin. Meanwhile, the Huskies probably have an 8 o’clock reservation tonight at Barclay Prime.

Because that's how they roll.

Connecticut 2, Villanova 0

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Anonymous said...

You just won yourself a reader w/ that post. Pretty funny stuff, especially the part about eating at the new Ruby Tuesday's.