Saturday, March 25, 2006

Nova survives, advances to Elite 8

Ridiculous game last night. BC forced Villanova out of their game and the Cats still pulled it out, albeit by one point in overtime.

This bodes well for Nova. Even if a team gets physical, slows the game down and forces Jay Wright to go big, the Cats can still win. And against a very good team. (We thought BC deserved a two-seed.)

Randy Foye, who played all 45 minutes in last night’s game and scored 29 inspired points, went as far to say these are the types of games the Cats like: "I know no one believes us, but these are the games we like. We like to battle it out and just grind it out to the end."

Good to hear. With the win, Villanova moves as far in the tournament as the Big 5’s last #1 seed — St. Joe’s in 2004.

Next up is Florida at 5 on Sunday. Florida got lucky against Gtown last night. We don’t think they can hang.

Go Cats.

In other news, Jim Calhoun is a whiny little girl.

Villanova 60, Boston College 59 [Inky]

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