Monday, March 27, 2006

Nova chunks it

On Sunday, Villanova joined a long list of Philadelphia teams that have choked big time when they were given their chance to shine.

This was a true team effort. Randy Foye aside, everyone in a white uni came up small. No need to rehash the details, but you're not going to win many games when you shoot less than 25% from the floor.

So if McNabb, Smarty Jones, Jameer Nelson, the 2005 Phillies and co. would please make room, the 2006 Villanova Wildcats would like to join you as authentic Philadelphia chokers.

Welcome to the club boys.

Well done.

(FYI, This was the eighth Big 5 team to choke it in the Elite 8 since Nova’s championship in 1985. Awesome.)

Villanova to Philly: We’re Main-liners anyway [Inky]

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