Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hotties of Philly Local News, 1.0

So earlier this week we learned that FHM (or For Him Magazine) is having a Sexiest Newslady Poll on its website. Ok — fine idea. Turns out there are three nominees from the esteemed local newscasts of Philadelphia. Pretty respectable. However, as it happens, we're not sure they nominated the right three girls.

So to check, we’re going to try something new. We’re going to hold our own poll here and see what happens.
(We're not objectifying; we're admiring.)

We’ve included what we think are the six most worthwhile candidates. Below, you'll find a short profile of each and a head shot. Read up and choose with care.

(The polls remain open through next week, so be sure to check back for the outcome.)

Erin O’Hearn

Erin’s new to the scene. She only joined WPVI in January as a general assignment reporter but has already turned more than a few heads. Originally from Albany and an Ivy League grad (Cornell), Erin’s not just a pretty face. Before coming to Philly she was at MTV, which we take to mean she knows how to party. However, her freshness here might hurt her in the polls — we're afraid that even we’re not very familiar with her work.

(Odds, 6 - 1) [Watch] [Bio]

Jessica Borg
Jessica’s been at WPVI for a few years now and we’re not ashamed to admit that if we’re at home and awake, we often find ourselves tuning in to watch her anchor Sundays at noon. Jess has the look. She’s from Long Island. Went to school in New York (graduated with honors from NYU). She even sometimes gets around ABC’s horrible, stuck-in-the-90s, shoulder-pads-required dress code and manages to show off her subtly ample rack. She’s also been on an episode of As the World Turns. That doesn’t really matter though. Jessica, what have you done for us lately?

Odds, 7 - 1. [Watch] [Bio]

Maria LaRosa
Maria might not be a Latin bombshell (we’re not even sure she’s Hispanic) but she’s definitely gorgeous. The 29 year-old from Jersey has a set of lips on her that could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. (Not to mention she also clearly has the most genuinely sweet disposition of all the nominees.) A graduate of Penn State, Maria’s been with CBS3 since 2004 and [*spoiler alert*] recently gave birth to her first child. Oh Maria, you had us at hello. Why did you have to go and ruin it?

Odds, 9 - 2. [Watch 1, 2, 3] [Bio]

Alycia Lane

Widely regarded as the favorite, Alycia would be a lock if it weren’t for her attitude. Like every other hot girl we know, Alycia can come across a little bitchy. We don’t necessarily blame her (it’s good that she knows what she’s working with), however, it does handicap her here a bit.

CBS3 poached her from Miami in a blatent attempt to improve the station's horrid ratings via aesthetics. Larry Mendte once called her on it. While it kind of bothers her to be seen as just a pretty face, in the end, Alycia has embraced it. The broad’s a pro… and in more ways than one. Before she met her current hubby, she was whoring herself out to anyone who'd bite. She appeared on WIP, seeking dates with Angelo Cataldi’s listeners. Not desperate enough for you? She upped the ante and asked Stu Bykofsky to print her measurements in his column. And then, of course, there were the infamous cry sessions with Dr. Phil (1, 2, 3) during May sweeps. I don’t know about bringing her home to meet the folks, but you have to respect a girl for putting herself out there.

Oh, and give the girl a frickin' Peabody already. If this isn’t “Excellence in Broadcast Journalism,” we don’t know what is.

Odds, 4 - 1. [Watch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5] [Bio]

Jade McCarthy
Jade’s another newcomer to the scene. She joined NBC10’s sports team (WCAU’s first female sports reporter) in December and is already elbow deep in insincere Philadelphia enthusiasm. At 25, she’s the youngest of the nominees and has a tough task in front of her. While her available status should help with a few votes, we suspect she might need to work on her sexy if she wants to compete against some of the thoroughbreds in this town.

Odds, 12 - 1. [Watch] [Bio]

Kerri-Lee Halkett
When we started this post, we were not Kerri-Lee’s biggest fans. We only remembered her from a few of Good Day’s horrifyingly shitrocious commercials (“Hey, it’s me, Kerri-Lee, back from maternity leave”), none of which left a favorable impression of her. She seemed a bit artificial. But after a little internet research, we’re starting to come around. Primarily, because we’ve learnt that she recently separated from her husband. And by "recently,” we mean today. (View the gallery of Kerri-Lee’s broken dreams. And we have to ask: could the brace she had on her wrist in January been from a "disagreement" with her spouse?) Damn. Looks like KL will be getting a few more votes than we originally thought. (We’d say sympathy votes, but they’re far more likely to be illusions-of-hope votes.)

Another advantage Kerri has in the polls: Fox allowed/encouraged Kerri to wear tighter clothing and to shake her hohos a lot more on Good Day than if she were at a real network. Unfortunately, she’s now doing the 5-7 a.m. news, which we assume means she’s behind a desk and doing a lot less shaking. (We assume because, in actuality, we never watch Fox News programming of any kind, especially not at five in the morning.) Other vitals: 34, lives in Center City, wakes at 2:30 a.m. No big deal.

Odds, 9 - 1. [Watch] [Bio]

UPDATE: Voting for the Hotties of Philly Local News has closed. The winner will be announced soon. The suspense is killing us. Ok. That's enough. Find out who won now.

Searching for beauty in the news [FHM]

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Anonymous said...

awesome. well done.

Anonymous said...

Kudos on an important and well-done piece of journalism.

I'm a recent Philly expatriate, and have one question: Where's Cecily Tynan?

ill said...

Cecily did not qualify. She's been around forever. We wanted this poll to highlight newer and younger talent.

RINGLAH said...

Let's all remember that "Hottie" is not just a physical quality, it's also emotional and Jess is one of the sweetest women in Philly! Go Jess!!!

Anonymous said...

Maria LaRosa is Italian and Irish.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy Krysiuk!???
(i might have spelled it wrong)

Anonymous said...

Excellent topic...

The competition for this accolade is fierce...

All of these women are gorgeous...

But if I had to select the top female newscaster...

In my book, Jade McCarthy is hands down the foxiest newscaster of all in Philadelphia.

She is a babe...

Anonymous said...

I think you should do a poll on the male hotties of the philly local news--equal time should be given to the males as well.

Anonymous said...

Top Five Philly News Babes

1. Maria La Rosa
2. Erin O'Hearn
3. Jade McCarthy
4. Deanna Durante
5. Alycia Lane (incredibly beautiful...but moody)

Honorable Mention...Karen Rogers

Anonymous said...

Jade Mccarthy is NOT single she is dating a radio guy in Omaha named Matt Perrault. Also, should not be a winner, others are far better looking

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

anyone hav ethe bikini pics alycia sent to Rich Eisen?

Anonymous said...

What are Alycia Lane's measurements?

Anonymous said...

what about the blonde bombshell who is on her way to motherhood and is the hottie weather chick

for wpvi?

Anonymous said...

lets not 4 get the sweet morning lady @ wpvi tamala edwards i belive her name is, she is def
initely a wow !

Anonymous said...

Its about time someone started a poll about these hotties, while I agree Jade is on fire, Alycia is incredible, but stop using botox on your lips. Whoever the dope is that mentioned Dorothy Krisiuk, she is horrible, If I see her look at herself in the monitor one more time I am going to throw up, and the stupid banter she goes into with Sue MOO Serio is so stupid, non the less how about Dawn Timoney from channel 10 very HOT!!!

Anonymous said...

How about 6 ABC's Weekend girl The very hot Erica Grow????

Pat H. said...

Dude, are you high? Kerri Lee Halkett makes your list but not Sharon Crowley (FOX 29) or my personal favorite Cecily Tynan (6 ABC)? Do you even own a TV?

eddie from South Philly said...

Erin O Hern is absolutly, with out a doubt, the winner. you need go no further. Whenever I see her on action news , I just stop and stare at the TV like a school boy. I have not seen anything that even comes close. Oh well ,Albany's loss is Philly's (and my) GAIN.
She makes me Ga GA.
I think we should make her President

Anonymous said...

Erin O'Hearn is sooo babea- lishous, I just love looking at her

Anonymous said...

Imagine Dorothy Krysiuk (Fox mornings) kissing Alycia Lane!...MMMMM

babewatcher said...

as usual, your list of babes is lilly white. where is anne marie green and mary stocker smith? god bless cbs 3 for putting these hotties on the air!

Anonymous said...

Deanna Durante is the sexiest

AshburnStadium said...

Erin O'Hearn has the most-mesmerizing eyes - and that's just scratching the surface of her beautiful looks!

Although I'm a male viewer, why leave the women out of the mix? How about a vote amongst them for the "beefcake" among the male reporters in Philly?