Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Geno's to Phillies: Eat Shit


The embarrasingly easy left field wall isn't all that's changed at Citizens Bank Park.

Geno's Steaks has pulled out of the concession they ran for the Phils' first two seasons at the Park.

The popular purveyor of cheesesteaks had a prime location in the always lively Ashburn Alley [at right]. The line was often too long to endure… yet we endured it anyway.

Apparently, patrons at the Phillies games were speaking a few too many languages and Geno blew his lid, turning over what was surely a huge cash-cow.

Oh, well. Tony Luke's and the Schmitter are always good options.

In Geno's stead, the Phillies have recruited Rick's Steaks from the Reading Terminal Market. Rick's is owned by Rick Olivieri — the grandson of Pat Olivieri. Yes, the same Pat that invented the steak sandwich and owns Pat's King of Steaks, Geno’s neighbor and bitter rival. Juicy.

Kudos to the Phils on the nice parting shot. While Geno’s does make a fine cheeser, it's time they lost the freedom fries.

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Chris said...

Geno's isn't even that great, it's passable.

Anyone that picks them over Tony Luke's has a screw loose.

enrico said...

I think people who argue about cheesesteaks are morons. I'd much rather have a Geno's whiz wit over a Tony Luke's cheesesteak, but the pork italian from Tony Luke's is on the same level as a Geno's steak.

The Good Reverend said...

Geno's is jumping the shark, man. There are 100 little pizza joints around the city with better steaks, and without the political lecture.