Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Clip o’ the week: DJ Paul pops his Phillies Red collar at the Oscars

We should've posted this on Monday — it's everywhere by now and Three 6 is officilly blowing up. (Thankfully, we're comforted by the fact that we've been enjoying the excellence of Three 6 for some time now. I mean, Most Known Unknown was crack and all (especially Stay Fly), but we've been 'Sippin on some siz-erp' for years now...)

One of several highlights from the video: towards the end, as Three 6 is coming on stage to accept, the cameras pan to capture crowd applause and there’s a row of five chicks way in the back that go crazy. I’m guessing they’re Three 6’s dates — the seats are just about where you’d expect the Academy to issue Three 6’s courtesy tickets.

Lifetime Oscars: Martin Scorsese – 0; Three 6 Mafia – 1

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