Monday, March 27, 2006

Breaking: Eric Moulds passes note to Eagles in homeroom

It reads:

Do you like me?
Yes __
No __
Maybe __

This is our first Eagles post. It's significant because we pretty much have zero confidence in the Eagles organization right now, and we know if we start posting about them it’s going to lead down a road that we don’t want to deal with right now. After all, it’s spring. It’s gorgeous outside. And we have lots of Ryan Howard homeruns to look forward to.

However, there’s an article in today’s Daily News that we must address. Eric Moulds (32) says he wants to play for the Birds. Done. End of discussion. Sign him. Trade the draft pick. Make it happen.

Moulds reception totals since 2000: 94, 67, 100, 64, 88, 81.

Jabar Gaffney’s might be a #1 receiver… on a high school team. (And not one from Central Bucks.) While Javon Walker (24) would be preferable, the Eagles are about as likely to sign him as we are to secure a date with the winner of our Hotties in the News poll.

Moulds has made the first move. What will the Eagles do? Nothing. The organization hates spending money. The Eagles seem to be content with being competitive. Adding Gaffney was their move at WR. Toss him in with Todd Pinkston, Reggie Brown, Darnerien McCants and Greg Lewis and you have yourself a solidly mediocre receiving core — exactly what Andy Reid wants. Andy tried his hand at coaching a star receiver and (understatement of the year) didn’t like the results. He’s done with non-conforming stars.

So next season, we can again look forward to Donny’s passes – the ones not thrown at his receivers’ feet – to be bouncing off their hands.

Awesome. Can’t wait.

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