Sunday, March 19, 2006

Allan Ray sends Nova on to the round of 16

Villanova advanced to the Sweet 16 today, thanks to Allan Ray’s clutch free throw shooting (4 for 4 in the last 15 seconds, after Randy Foye missed two only seconds earlier). Just goes to show you how important free throw shooting is — just like our old man used to repeatedly tell us.

If Ray had missed just one of those, the final possessions would have been completely different and Villanova could have easily lost. Kudos to Allan Ray for stepping up and saving the day.

That’s the beauty of having a 90% free throw shooter on your team. Frankly, we don’t understand why there aren’t more of them.

This win is all the more important because it’ll keep our mind off the Sixers for another week. They officially declared themselves a disaster today with a loss to Golden State, in which they once again decided not to make any shots at the end of the game.

After tying the game with 5:03 to play, they actually didn’t make another field goal until there was :23 left and it was way too late. ("Painful to watch" doesn't come close). Oh, and Johnny Fish shot 5 of 18 starting in place of AI.

Nice work guys.

Fuckin’ chokers.

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