Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Charles Barkley Redux

It’s true: the Sixers are rumored to be contemplating trading Iverson before Thursday’s NBA trade deadline. They even went so far as to conduct an unofficial survey about possible life without Iverson with several high-end season-ticket holders. In other news, Sixers President and General Manager Billy King is considering challenging Dubya for title of shrewdest analytical mind in America.

Worst. GM. Ever. (And to think, we were about to run this man's senate campaign.)

The only thing we have going for us is Charles Barkley.

When the Sixers traded Sir Charles to the Phoenix Sunes in 1992, it was a disaster. The organization fears that this could be an even bigger disaster. They’re right. It would be 100 times worse. A disaster of biblical proportions, in fact. I’d personally tar and feather Billy King every week for the next ten years.


David Aldridge: Billy King is ‘New Coke Dumb’
Take the Sixers’ survey; tell them not to (choose other on question #10)
City of Brotherly Scorn

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