Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Jack River City

This just in:

Street unveils fiscal 2007 budget for Phila. "Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street delivered a $3.55 billion fiscal 2007 budget to City Council Tuesday that proposes funding to support arts and cultural institutions, improve neighborhood commercial corridors, accelerate tax cuts and launch his "New River City" vision." PBJ, 1.24.06

It's about time... developers (e.g. Trump Tower) are increasingly threatening to cut the city off from its own waterfront.


"...A comprehensive plan for the Delaware is especially urgent now, because several housing developers have just acquired large tracts near the Betsy Ross Bridge. Will they turn them into gated compounds that block public access to the riverfront? No one knows, because there are no planning guidelines protecting the public's right to walk along the river. Waterfront Square, a high-rise project going up at Fairmount Avenue, is already designed to be gated." Phila Inky, 10.14.04

More on the "New River City" plan: