Friday, July 22, 2005

The outside is for drinking

So aside from us opening the station (which would be absolutely sick if anyone is interested in investing a couple hundred thousand dollars), Philadelphia is pretty much devoid of a money beer garden at which to take advantage of the warmer weather.

Sure, outdoor cafes are proliferating and they’re great, but every once in a while a trip to your local beer garden would be a nice respite. We don’t necessarily mean a genuine German beer garden, but rather a place that has a serious amount of outdoor seating where you can drink pitchers of beer and enjoy some good gastro-pub quality food. [read not Washington Square] While rooftops are definitely sick, street level access is a must for this beer garden. [sorry Continental] Street level access but somehow separated from people on the sidewalk (e.g. hedges).

We’ve been to a few in Chi-town that are pretty much up to par. Avram Hornick of Loie fame (who incidentally deserves a pat on the back for giving Rittenhouse [or CRAP] Drinker’s Pub and thereby delivering cheap drinks, a later happy hour and, most importantly, chicks in a relatively laid back and non-meatheadish crowd) had the right idea a while back when he tried to turn the parking lot on Market Street next to Lucy’s into an adjoining beer garden. We bet that would have been fairly hot — it’s too bad that the fascists at the Old City Civic Association put the kibosh on it.

So does anyone know of a beer garden in town? For now, we’ll have to continue to get our fix at the Jerk Hut, with a case of Lionshead under our arm.

UPDATE: Drinker's sucks. (It was cool for a few months, but then got overrun.)