Monday, May 02, 2005

Saturn blows its street cred

With its latest commercial, Saturn, a company that has built itself on a “do good” image, shamelessly attacks hybrid cars, implying that hybrid cars have no horsepower and routinely get passed by kids on mopeds. Times are obviously tough at GM. Most likely, they’re regretting their decision not to produce any hybrids if they now have to resort to attacking them in advertisements.

We imagine that hybrid buyers are a demographic that had previously bought Saturns and GM, now realizing that it’s completely losing a huge chunk of its customer base, classily decided to take the low road and scrounge whatever customers they can get with the worst kind of false advertising. Playing up a false stereotype of your competitor – sounds like GM might be taking marketing tips from
its friends at the Bush Administration.

In other news, the remix of
2 Unlimited’s “No Limit” in Mentos’ latest commercial is brilliantly pared with the commercial’s visual escalation. Birds should be involved in more music.